Build Walls? Immigration Decisions Affect Millions

Immigration, both legal and illegal, has been a hot button issue for decades, but never more so, it would seem, than now. It’s a question with political, practical, and moral facets that are not easy to reconcile with one another. While some call for walls and deportation, others cry out for mercy and amnesty. It’s a problem with no easy answers and millions of lives at stake. We consider all sides of this thorny issue with compassion and clarity. From the serious financial and personnel strain on America’s social services to the problems that arise when immigrant groups resist assimilation into American culture and fail to develop a new national identity. We’ll also discover how eager young immigrants are enhancing our schools, how brave and industrious people from all over the world are reviving our sluggish economy, and how Christian refugees are revitalizing the beleaguered American church.

Most importantly, we see what God’s Word has to say about our responsibilities to the foreigners in our land.