Russia’s Rise to Power Is No Surprise

After two decades of seeming slumber, Russia is flexing its muscles, annexing territory, and making alliances with dictatorial countries that daily call out for Israel’s destruction. The threat of radical Islamic factions like ISIS seems to grow like an unstoppable cancer, devouring all people and nations in its path. Our own nation seems incapable of stemming the tide, and has even entered into agreements with hostile nations like Iran with blatant disregard to its traditional allies.

With upheaval as the new normal and no end in sight, dare we conclude that God has abandoned His people to an ignominious fate? Or could it be that what we humans see as chaos is really something God has been orchestrating all along? And if that is the case . . . why?

Discover the mysterious prophecies of Ezekiel 38–39 and how they reveal both the key to understanding our troubling times and the all-powerful hand of our mighty God.