Is Conflict in Israel a Sign that the End is Near?

Long ago, God set aside a people for himself, starting with one man whom He called out of a pagan nation and to whom He promised great renown, innumerable descendants, and a good land. That man was Abraham. Four thousand years later, his name is still held in the highest esteem by Jews, Christians, and Muslims; his descendants have survived the harshest persecutions imaginable in ancient, medieval, and modern times; and the land into which God brought him is once again in the possession of the Jews.

Clearly Abraham’s God is a God who keeps His covenants.

Since 1948, many have looked on the establishment of the modern state of Israel as the modern fulfillment of God’s promises to His Chosen People. Despite being hemmed in on all sides by hostile nations, and against all odds or human logic, Israel has survived all-out war and constant domestic terrorism. Yet increasingly the international press portrays Israel as an aggressor nation, an occupying force, a brutal regime afflicting poor and disenfranchised Palestinians who have had their land stolen out from under them.

We delve deep into the covenant God entered into with Abraham as recorded in Genesis and reiterated throughout the prophetic books of the Old Testament, unveiling which prophecies concerning the nation of Israel have been fulfilled . . . and what is yet to come.

How should Christians view the ongoing conflict between Israel and the Palestinians? And what does the reestablishment of the nation of Israel in the Holy Land mean for us? Is it merely an accident of international politics? Or could it be a sign that the end is near? Learn more in Is This The End.